Pinestar is a broad-shouldered, long-furred, reddish-brown tom. He has a chestnut-brown chest, tail-tip, and paws. His tail is long, and fluffy. His eyes are a dark, unusual blue. He has a scar from shoulder to paw. He also has a scar over his paw, and a scratch on the back of his ear.


Pinestar is wary of outsiders at first, but will welcome them into his Clan with open paws. He cares about his Clan very much, and will put each and every one of their needs before his own. He will protect his cats no matter what, and will sacrifice himself for them. He is very loving and protective of his family and friends. He loses his patience quickly with cats, often times with kits and apprentices.


Pinestar was born with his littermate, Lilypine, in the twoleg place. His name was Pine, however. His parents were Birchheart, the mother, and Bananas, his father, who was a kittypet.

"Many seasons ago, young Pine met a kind young she-cat, who went by the name Shadowpaw. She was from a Clan. LionClan. He was enchanted by her tales of adventure, battle, and loyalty. Pine decided to talk to the leaders of the Clan. He wanted to join the adventures, the battles. He wanted to be a warrior! He was accepted by the leaders, and soon, his apprenticeship began. He was no longer Pine; he was Pinepaw." - An excerpt from an interview with Pinestar's creator.

Pinestar currently resides in PineClan territory. He leads the Clan with his mate, Shadowkite, who will be having his kits soon.

​Nine Lives

Number Attribute Giver Lost
1 Courage Thunderstar Badger Fight
2 Kindness Stormblaze N/A
3 Quickness Swiftcurrent N/A
4 Cleverness Sharkpaw N/A
5 Strength Darkstalk N/A
6 Open Mind Clearscar N/A
7 Love Birchheart N/A
8 Clear Judgement Duskbreeze N/A
9 Loyalty Shadowheart N/A


  • Pinestar is the first leader of PineClan.
  • Pinestar was the first cat to establish his Clan in a territory and camp.
  • He is one of the only leaders without any of the original five Clans' blood.
  • He wants his kit's names to be these: Blazekit and Stonekit, for toms, and Shadekit and Palmkit for she-csts. He is okay with others, though.

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