PineClan is one of the many Clans in the universe.


PineClan camp is an abandoned cave, with many odd crystal-like structures inside. Twolegs built this structure many years ago, for mining purposes. The Warrior's den is at the entrance of the camp, so the can be the first to fight enemies that approach. The leader's den is across from the warrior's den. The rest of the dens are in a dip in the cave. The medicine cat's den is elevated, in a cave above the Elder's den. The elder's den is a cave underneath it. The nursery is across from the medicine cat's den, which is also elevated. The apprentice's den is also in the dip, across from the elder's den. The fresh-kill pile where the cave lowers into the dip. The leader calls meetings above the camp, on a ledge.


PineClan uses grass as nests, rather than moss. They mostly eat birds.

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