This is the allegiances of the Clans! They are incomplete as of now.

PineClan (PC) Edit

Leader: Pinestar- broad-shouldered, long-furred, reddish-brown tom with chestnut-brown chest, tail-tip, paws, a long, fluffy tail, a scar from shoulder-to-paw, and dark blue eyes.

Deputy: Shadowkite- pale brown tabby she-cat with soft, wavey fur, a short tail, a scar covered leg, and bright amber eyes.

Medicine Cat: Hailleaf- smooth, glossy-furred, dark gray tabby tom with a cheek scar, a pink nose, and icy blue eyes. Apprentice, Ravenpaw

Warriors: Birchclaw- broad-shouldered, battle-scarred, short-furred, cream-colored tom with light ginger points, a twisted paw, and leaf-green eyes. (Fallen's Character) Apprentice, Rowanpaw                

Currentbreeze- smooth-furred, soft, blue-silver she-cat with white tabby stripes, large, tufted ears, and ocean-blue eyes. Apprentice, Stormpaw                 

Sparrowstream- glossy-furred, lithe, dappled tortoiseshell(cream, white, pale brown)she-cat with a very long tail, an extra toe on each foot, and yellow eyes.                  

Beesnap- short, roundish, pale yellow tom with rippling black tabby stripes, a notched ear, and pale blue eyes.

Finchear- small, lithe, pale brown she-cat with dark brown dapples, ears, paws, a white chest and underbelly, and pale green eyes.  Apprentice, Starlingpaw                   

Woollygull- broad-shouldered, short-haired, gray tom with a pink tinge, fiery orange tabby stripes, and bright amber eyes.                   

Gooseheart- short and wiry-furred, pale gray tom with a dark gray head, legs, tail, a short, thick tail, and pale green eyes.                   

Lilypine- long-legged, long-furred, dark red tom with chestnut-brown highlights, paws, legs, chest, and amber eyes; brother to Pinestar.                   

Aspenpetal- tall, lithe, long-furred golden she-cat with white, petal-like patches, a long, feathery tail, and leaf-green eyes.                  

Adderhawk- shaggy-furred, muscular, dark brown tom with a white chest and leaf-green eyes.                        

Blackthrush- tall, lithe, lean, jet-black tom with big white paws, muscular legs, a white chest, long, silvery-whiskers, white-tufted ears, and bright blue-gray eyes.

Apprentices: Ravenpaw- small, lithe, short-furred, jet-black she-cat with russet streaks, paws, tail, ears, a strikingly pink nose, white toes, and bright green eyes. (Fallen's Character)                        

Starlingpaw- long-furred, small, glossy, pale yellow she-cat with white splotches, small paws, a long tail, and dark blue eyes.                       

Stormpaw- sleek, short-furred, wiry-furred, shadowy black tom with small paws, white paws, a white tail-tip, and pale blue eyes.                       

Rowanpaw- long-furred, glossy, brown she-cat with blind blue eyes and ginger splotches, scars on her eyes, and a plumy tail.

Queens: Willowfrost- large, lithe, calico tabby she-cat with black paws, ginger toes, a feathery tail, tufted ears, a long, narrow muzzle, and amber eyes. (Kits: Flamekit: lithe, pale ginger tabby she-cat with white ear-tips and toes, a long narrow muzzle, and dark blue eyes. Kit Wildkit: large, feathery, black tom with ginger ear-tips and toes, a long narrow muzzle, and amber eyes.) (Fallen's character)                

Shadowsong- broad-shouldered, long and thick-furred, tortoiseshell(black, dark russet, dark brown) she-cat, dappled with russet and brown, with a rip scar between her forelegs; leaf-green eyes. Mother of Woollygull's kits.(Kits: Blazekit- a broad-shouldered, short-furred, dark russet tom with fiery ginger tabby stripes, and bright amber eyes. Cinderkit- a broad-shouldered, long-haired, thick-furred, tortoiseshell(dark russet, fiery ginger, black) she-cat with a long tail, and leaf-green eyes.)                

Amberflight- smallish, lithe, light ginger, copper-colored she-cat with a long, plumy tail, short, sharp claws, long fur, and warm amber eyes; mother of Blackthrush's kits. (Kits: Pantherkit- smallish, lithe, jet-black she-cat with a long, plumy tail, short, sharp claws, long fur, long silvery whiskers, tufted ears, and bright amber eyes. Lionkit- tall, leanish, light ginger, copper-colored tom with a long, plumy tail, short, wiry fur, short, sharp claws, tufted ears, and bright blue-gray eyes. Tigerkit- broad-shouldered, smallish, jet-black tom with light copper-colored tabby stripes, a long, plumy tail, powerful jaws, and warm amber eyes.) Elders: Darkblaze- large, broad-shouldered, mud-colored brown tom with fiery ginger splotches, a burn scar on his cheek, and warm amber eyes.               Leafstep- small,  pale yellow tabby cat with glossy fur and golden-sun eyes, and white specks, a long, white tail, and black ears.

SnowClan(SC) Edit

Leader: Snowstar- tall, broad-shouldered, sleek-furred, snowy-white tom with big paws, a long, whippy tail, a long, narrow muzzle, short, razor-sharp claws, a black nose, and icy-blue eyes.

Deputy: Softstep- small, lithe, soft, silver she-cat with black marbled tabby stripes, small paws, sharp claws, tufted ears, a ripped ear, a pink nose, and almond-shaped, leaf-green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Lilypool- tall, lithe, short-haired, light brown tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, paws, tail-tip, and underbelly, and almond-shaped, amber eyes.

Warriors: Reedsong- broad-shouldered, muscular, short-legged, black tom with russet streaks, big paws, small ears, a brown nose, a rip scar on his chest, and sky-blue eyes.                 

Shadowbeaver- smallish, lithe, dark beaver-colored brown tom with a long tail, a long, narrow black muzzle, a notched ear, and smallish, light yellow eyes. Apprentice, Mistypaw                  

Smokeear- lithe, smooth-furred, long-haired, light brown tom with dark, smokey-gray ears, a scar on his muzzle, big paws, and leaf-green eyes; Junkrat. Apprentice, Flashpaw                   

Brighteyes- tall, lithe, smooth-furred, long-haired, cream-colored she-cat with dark brown tabby points, small paws, tufted ears, a scar on her shoulder, and bright blue eyes.                   

Kestrelpounce- leggy, lithe, wideishly shouldered, pale brown she-cat with white splotches, and flecks on her back, paws, chest, underbelly, tail-tip, and hazel eyes. Apprentice, Foxpaw                  

Blackfire- broad-shouldered, muscular, shadowy-black tom with a golden tail-tip, a golden muzzle, russet streaks on his forehead, big paws, and dark, unusual orange eyes.                   

Briargaze- spiky-furred, muscular, broad-shouldered, battle-scarred, dark gray she-cat with black tipped fur, a long tail, a black muzzle, and yellow eyes. Apprentice, Rabbitpaw          

Dapplefish- short, lithe, smallish, tortoiseshell(black, white, gold) she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, and paws, gold speckles and flecks, and amber eyes. Apprentice, Aquapaw                  

Leopardcreek- long, broad-shouldered, muscular, sleek, golden she-cat with jet-black tabby spots, like a leopard, huge paws, battle-scarred legs, and creek-blue eyes.

Apprentices: Featherpaw- broad-shouldered, long haired tortoiseshell and white she-cat with small ears, black pads, a pink nose, black and ginger streaks, and bright amber eyes.                       

Flashpaw- tall, lithe, bright ginger she-cat with a black dash on her chest, big paws, a torn ear, a long, fluffy tail, and leaf-green eyes.                      

Aquapaw- tall, lithe, long-haired, silvery-blue she-cat with white stripes on her back and face, a long, feathery tail, and aqua-blue eyes. (Fallen's character)                       Foxpaw- long, lithe, soft-furred, long-haired, fox-red tom with a long, bushy black tail, a black muzzle, paws, a white chest and underbelly; forest-green eyes.                      

Mistypaw- long, lithe, short-haired, blue-gray tom with white paws, chest, underbelly, tail-tip, muzzle, and leaf-green eyes.                      

Rabbitpaw- long-legged, lithe, short-haired, dusty-brown tom with wiry fur, dark brown tabby stripes, and warm amber eyes.

Queens: Mothfrost- Short-furred, leggy, tortoiseshell(black, russet, cream) she-cat with muscular legs, long whiskers, and leaf-green eyes; mother of Reedsong's kits. (Kits: Gorsekit- broad-shouldered, muscular, leggy, russet-colored tom with black streaks, big paws, and leaf-green eyes. Grasskit- muscular, short-furred, leggy, cream-colored tom with russet tabby stripes, streaks, and sky-blue eyes. Sunnykit- short-furred, leggy, muscular, cream-colored she-cat with long whiskers, big paws, a brown nose, one sky-blue eye, and one leaf-green eye. (fallen's character) Sparrowkit- short-furred, broad-shouldered, leggy, russet-colored she-cat with a brown nose, long whiskers, small ears, and sky-blue eyes.)        Oakflight- Broad-shouldered, muscular, dark brown she-cat with thick, jet-black marbled tabby stripes, large, tufted ears, a long, feathery tail, and warm amber eyes; mother of Smokeear's kits.(Kits: Birchkit- broad-shouldered, smooth-furred, muscular, light brown tom with dark brown marbled tabby stripes, large, tufted ears, a long tail, and leaf-green eyes. Pinekit- broad-shouldered, muscular, lithe, smokey-gray tom with large, tufted ears, a long tail, big paws, and leaf-green eyes. Willowkit- broad-shouldered, muscular, long-haired, light brown she-cat with thick, jet-black marbled tabby stripes, large tufted ears, a long feathery tail, amber eyes.)

Elders: Grayeye- short-haired, smallish, gray tom with blue eyes, one of which is clouded, a long tail, and short whiskers.

MysticClan (MC)                                            Edit

Leader: Mysticstar- long-haired, short, muscular, dark gray she-cat with black stripes on her head and neck, large black paws, longish, sharp fangs, and dark blue eyes.

Deputy: Willowpool- short-furred, short but muscular legged, reddish-brown she-cat with dark red tabby stripes, a long, winding tail, and almond-shaped hazel eyes. Apprentice, Daisypaw

Medicine Cat: Frostypetal- sleek-furred, short-furred, short-legged, silver tabby she-cat with thick tabby stripes, broad shoulders, and blue-green eyes. Apprentice, Pebblepaw

Warriors: Raindrizzle- sleek-furred, muscular, silver tom with black spots and flecks on his back and sides, black flecks just below his eyes, big paws, a short, thick tail, and blue-green eyes; brother to Frostypetal.                  

Mistlestrike- spiky-furred, short-legged, dark smokey-gray she-cat with muscular legs, broad shoulders, large paws, a long, whippy tail, and amber eyes.                  

Ravendusk- short-legged, lightly-framed, sleek-furred, black tom with a brown dash on his chest, paws, tail-tip, a black nose, and light blue eyes. Apprentice, Silverpaw                  

Crowdawn- short-legged, lightly-framed, glossy-furred, night-black she-cat with tiny white flecks under her eyes, a strikingly pink nose, and light blue eyes; sister to Ravendusk.                   

Cedarbranch- short-legged, smooth-furred, dark gray tom, mottled with white, with a white chest and underbelly, long, razor-sharp white claws, and amber eyes.                   

Flowerbloom- long, lithe, short-legged, smooth-furred, cream-colored she-cat with a dark brown back, sides, and tail-top, a feathery tail, and leaf-green eyes.                   

Sharptalon- short-furred, short-legged, dark ginger tabby tom with broad shoulders, powerful haunches and hind-legs, and brilliant green eyes. Apprentice, Goldenpaw                   

Cherryshade- smallish, smooth-furred, glossy, tortoishell-and-white she-cat with short legs, hard gray paws, and bright, leaf-green eyes.                   

Brightlily- short-legged, lithe, sleek-furred, snowy-white she-cat with bright ginger patches, cream-colored splotches, and bright, brilliant blue eyes; Firelily's sister Apprentice, Frostpaw                   

Swifthawk- smooth-furred, short-legged, broad-shouldered, sand-colored cream tom with slightly darker, shadowy cream tabby stripes, and unusual blue eyes.

Apprentices: Daisypaw- short-legged, smooth-furred, glossy, cream-colored she-cat with bright ginger points, hard gray pads, and brilliant green eyes; daughter of Brightlily & Swifthawk.                        

Goldenpaw- short-legged, smooth-furred, snowy-white she-cat with bright ginger splotches and patches, and bright, brilliant blue eyes; daughter of Brightlily & Swifthawk.                        

Silverpaw- smallish, short-legged, muscular, dilute calico she-cat with black and gray splotches, a long, feathery tail, and leaf-green eyes; sister of Frostpaw.                        

Frostpaw- short-legged, skinny, sleek-furred, white tom with light gray patches, a bushy tail, large ears, and ice-blue eyes; brother of Silverpaw.                        

Pebblepaw- smallish, short-legged, sleek-furred, dark brown she-cat mottled with light brown and black, a long feathery tail, and amber eyes.

Queens: Tidesplash- short-legged, smooth-furred, glossy, silvery-blue she-cat with a long, feathery tail, black tabby stripes on her face, a pink nose, and bright blue eyes; (Kits:  Perchkit- short-legged, long-haired, smooth-furred, pale gray she-kit with black stripes on her head, face, and neck, light ginger paws, long, sharp fangs, and dark blue eyes. Copperkit- long-haired, smooth-furred, copper-colored light ginger she-kit with big paws, a long tail, and bright blue eyes. Quailkit- long-haired, silvery-blue, glossy, tom with big paws, a long tail, ginger paws, sharp fangs, and dark blue eyes.)    

Snowspeckle- glossy-furred, short-haired, light brown tabby she-cat with white speckles on her back, black paws, tail-tip, muzzle, ear-tips, and warm amber eyes; mother of Cedarbranch's kits. (Kits: Clawkit- glossy-furred, smooth-furred, dark gray tom mottled with white, with white paws, muzzle, ear-tips, and glowing amber eyes. Fallowkit- glossy-furred, short-haired, light brown she-cat, mottled white, with short legs, a black chest and underbelly, muzzle, paws, tail-tip; warm amber eyes. Stonekit- short-haired, smooth-furred, dark gray tom with a white chest and underbelly, muzzle, tail-tip, ear-tips, and warm amber eyes.)                

Firelily- long, lithe, long-furred, smooth-furred, snowy-white she-cat with ginger splotches, black patches, long, silvery-blue whiskers, big paws, and leaf-green eyes; mother of Raindrizzle's kits(Kit: Brightkit- smallish, lithe, fluffy, muscular,  bright ginger she-cat with black flecks just below her eyes, big paws, a long, thick tail, and blue-green eyes.)

Elders: Smallfang- small, lithe, jet-black tom with scattered silver hairs, a graying muzzle, long legs, a whippy tail, and yellow eyes.

MidnightClan (MiC) Edit

Leader: Midnightstar- fair-sized, short-furred, night-black tom with tiny silver specks, like stars, large paws, a long, plumy tail, velvety fur, and stormy blue eyes.

Deputy: Silverspot- long-haired, silky-furred, smallish, silver she-cat with tabby spots, a long, whippy tail, long, sharp claws, black dapples, and blue eyes with pale blue around the irises.

Medicine Cat: Skygaze- long-haired, smooth-furred, glossy, light brown tabby tom with a white muzzle, paws, and tail-tip, long legs, and almond-shaped, sky-colored eyes. Apprentice, Fallingpaw

Warriors: Pinepebble- smooth-furred, short-haired, muscular, smokey-gray tom with white-tipped fur, white tufts on his large ears, white paws, and leaf-green eyes.                 

Oakforest- broad-shouldered, long-haired, muscular, dark brown she-cat with tan paws, tail-tip, chest, underbelly, muzzle, inner ears, lower neck, and lower tail; bright green eyes and a torn ear.                 

Lakebreeze- smooth-furred, short-haired, velvety, silvery-blue she-cat with white tabby stripes, fluffy legs and tail, a scarred cheek, and calm blue eyes. Mate to Bluesky.                   

Littlewind- small, long-haired, silky-furred, bright ginger tom with slightly darker ginger tabby stripes, fluffy legs, a long, whippy tail, and warm amber eyes. Apprentice, Amberpaw                   

Shadowmoose- smallish, long-haired, tortoisheshell she-cat with a white muzzle, paws, chest, and underbelly, a sliced cheek, a torn ear, and hazel eyes.                    

Bluesky- broad-shouldered, muscular, blue-gray tom with soft fur, large, tufted ears, long, sharp claws, a short, thick tail, a scar from shoulder to paw, and blue eyes; father of Fallingpaw.                   

Tallgrass- smooth-furred, glossy-furred, long-haired, light brown she-cat with a black muzzle, paws, and chest, white flecks just below her eyes, a notched ear, and warm amber eyes. Apprentice, Streampaw                    

Leaftuft- fluffy, lithe, tall, green-tinged gray tom with a tuft of black fur on his forehead, long, sharp claws, black ruffs of fur over his paws, and forest-green eyes.                    

Smokesteam- tall, lithe, smooth-furred, dark smokey-gray she-cat with a tuft of fur on her fore-head, a fluffy tail-tip, velvety fur, a torn ear, silver streaks, and warm amber eyes. Apprentice, Blackpaw                     

Moonshade- tall, lean, muscular, black tom with silver, moon-colored streaks on his back, sides, head, and tail, a scar on his flank, and light, moonish blue eyes.                      

Rabbitfire- long-legged, lithe, lean, short-furred, light brown she-cat with a short, thick white tail, bright ginger streaks on her back and sides, and pale green eyes. Apprentice, Flamepaw                     

Waterwing- long-legged, short-furred, lithe, pure snowy-white she-cat with a battle scarred hind-leg, a twisted paw on the same leg, and watery-blue eyes.                      

Crowcall- smooth-furred, lithe, lightly-framed, jet-black she-cat with a white dash on her chest, tail-tip, paws, ear-tips, a pink nose, and bright blue-green eyes. (Fallen's character) Apprentice, Pantherpaw                       

Grayshade- long-haired, lithe, sleek-furred, light gray she-cat with dark gray splotches, big paws, a graying muzzle, and amber eyes.                      

Thrushfeather- short-haired, velvety, muscular, light brown tom with black tabby spots, long legs, a pale brown nose, and pale green eyes.                       

Apprentices: Fallingpaw- scrawny, long, shortish, light bluish-gray tom with black marbled tabby stripes, velvety fur, a long, plumy black tail, black legs, ears, muzzle, and ice-blue eyes. (Fallen's character))                        

Amberpaw- smooth-furred, muscular, short-haired, silvery-blue she-cat with white tabby stripes, velvety fur, a short, thick tail, fluffy legs, large ears, and blue eyes. Fallingpaw's sister.                        

Blackpaw- muscular, broad-shouldered, pale cream-white she-cat with large black paws, black lower legs that fade into the cream-white, a long, feathery black tail; eager amber eyes.                      

Pantherpaw- large, broad-shouldered, muscular, panther-black she-cat with very dark brown tabby spots, long legs, a dark brown nose, and dark, unusual blue eyes.                        

Flamepaw- long-legged, muscular, lithe, flame-colored ginger tom with a long, narrow muzzle, long, sharp claws, a long, whippy tail, and leaf-green eyes.                        

Streampaw- smooth-furred, glossy, lithe, flame-colored ginger tom with a long, whippy tail, a narrow muzzle, long, sharp claws, cream-colored toes; leaf-green eyes.

Queens: Mossystone- smooth-furred, long-haired, pale gray she-cat with tufted ears, a long, feathery tail, ginger legs and tail, black paws and tail-tip, and moss-green eyes; father of Leaftuft's kits. (Kits: Snowkit, Gravelkit, Oatkit, Lilykit)(descriptions TBA)

Elders: TBA

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